Stacey Dash was 8 years old when Nixon resigned.

Tricky dick wasn’t very tricky to Ms. Stacey Dash. She was already a savvy little 4th grader learning simple multiplication and a sweet map of the United States and of course watching as Nixon left the White House. No doubt she looked just about how she does now: flawlessly pretty.

Stacey Dash is immortal.

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Stacey Dash was 29 years old in Clueless.

Ms. Dionne, why look so sassy? Oh, because you’re a 29 year old playing a 17 year old. And Alicia Silverstone, why you look so bashful? Oh, cause you’re just faking Cher’s age by a measly 2 years. Sheesh, step your game up Silverstone.

Stacey Dash is immortal.

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